Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To the one I love...

When I met you... my life was a cluster fuck of disaster. I didn't believe in a happily ever after. And you were not the one I was chasing after. But you took the time to see the real me. You listened to all the drama and you took the time to learn. You gave me a chance to fly but instead of leaving my heart started to burn. And everyday I grew closer to you and more and more I saw... that the one I thought I wanted... wasn't the one I wanted at all. It took time for me to see the things in you that you saw in me. But once I opened my eyes... I was really surprised. Really excited every time the sun would rise because my day would always be filled with you. And you always came through. You literally did all the things that nobody else would do. And slowly you opened my heart being careful to avoid the stitches from where it had been torn apart... and you healed my heart... even though you didn't see that the good in you healed the bad in me. I could never have asked for a more perfect woman... never have created a more amazing wife... never have imagined... that all this happiness could have ever entered my life. I can't imagine life without you... I just want to let you know... that now that I found you... I would never let you go. So here's to slow burning love and never quenching desire... here's to the woman I love who has always set my heart on fire.

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  1. And here's to the peacock who always has my back. Always keeps me on my toes and always keeps my heart a-flutter.
    I love you.